Morganite rings contain a gem known as “pink emerald”. With a high degree of luster, good staying power, and a charming pink color, the morganite gemstone is ideal if you are looking for a fine, affordable and strong gemstone that can withstand the daily wear and tear of a wedding or engagement ring.

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Meaning of morganite

It is believed that morganite is a strong stone that facilitates the flow of energy in the body as it can bring pure love to consumers. It is also believed that this gem balances emotions and brings harmonious performance, as it releases all blockages in the channels of energy and love.

Morganite Properties

Morganite, along with aquamarine and emerald, belongs to the beryllium mineral family. The more popular form of morganite beryl comes in light pink to rose pink hues, although gemstones naturally also come in yellow, soft orange and purple hues. In most cases, pink or pink morganite in stones shows a slight yellow, purple, or orange color.

Staying power = excellent

Hardness = 7.5 – 8.0

Refractive index = 1,560 – 1,600

Specific weight = 2.67 – 2.90

Currently morganite beryl is mined in Brazil, California, USA, Mozambique, Namibia and Zimbabwe.

Morganite Enhancements

Morganite is usually heated (labeled E or H) to remove yellows and oranges and leave a pure pink rock. This type of upgrade has an excellent stability rating and the stone does not require any special processing once it has been upgraded.

Special care for morganite

Morganite needs least care due to its high hardness and durability. Sometimes, after a long period of use, the stone needs polishing and scrubbing to restore its original shine and remove the small scratches that have accumulated on the stone over time.

Morganite Pricing Guide

Budget buyers will appreciate the affordability of Morganite rings. Average desirable colored morganite gemstone with a personalized cut and size over carat costs around $ 300.00. For quality gemstones – Morganite is available at very low prices.

Even better, the price of morganite does not increase significantly as carat weight increases, as this gemstone often comes in large carat sizes (in some cases, smaller morganite gemstones with a special cut and a more desirable color will be more expensive than larger gemstones, carat size with only fine cuts).

Color and cut are the two most important characteristics of the morganite gemstone grade, followed by clarity and finally carat. The colored emerged with the highest score was pure medium pink; If the pink is too light, the stone will often look washed out unless it’s too big, and if the pink is too dark the stone will look too saturated with color. However, the morganite beryl color you choose for your ring should match your personal taste.

Morganite comes with a unique cut that maximizes the pink hue of the stone, as well as its shine and fire, significantly enhances the worth of the stone. Poorly cut pale morganite gemstones can be obtained for less than $ 300 per carat and will not grow over time due to poor gemstone quality. Fine cut, pale morganite gemstones are also available for less than $ 300 per carat, and budget buyers may prefer lighter, less expensive gemstones over medium pink morganite gemstones.

Morganite shopping tips

Even though morganite is an affordable and durable gemstone, buyers still need to understand when looking for morganite rings. Artificial morganite can be made through both synthetic crystal and natural development processes, and few deceitful shopkeepers might even attempt to sell you tinted glass as morganite.

To become a reliable buyer, you should always reach out to sellers who have a proven record or are affiliated with a reputable company like Alexander sparks. Make sure you have a refund policy of at least 30 days when you buy your ring – or an exchange policy if the ring is handmade – and have the ring rated by an independent jeweler to confirm that it is a genuine morganite action ring.