Excess dirt, dead cells, heat, and sebum secretion clog skin pores. If proper treatment is not undertaken, then you may get vulnerable to several bacterial infections. Likewise, the accumulation of dead skin on the face also makes you look older. It is better to wash your face with an exfoliating cleanserThat said, it would be wise to buy organic cleansers. Unlike synthetic products, organic cleansers do not contain SLS. Thus, it works perfectly for different skin types. 

Getting prepared for the exfoliation process

Initially, you are required to thoroughly wash your face either with tap or lukewarm water. If possible, then do place a warm towel for 2 minutes over your face. This process will soften the skin and opens the pores. Thereby, the exfoliating cleanser will reach deeper and offer excellent results.

Applying the cleanser on the face

You can either apply the organic cleanser straight with the tip of your fingers or with a cloth. Make sure that the cloth is made up of microfibrils. Once the cleanser is placed, slowly massage the paste in an upward circular motion. Do not pressurize while massaging the cleanser on the face. 

Rinse the face thoroughly

Lastly, you just have to rinse your face thoroughly, first with the lukewarm water. To close the pores of your skin, do wash your face with cold water. You might even have to repeat the process of rinsing. Then pat your face with the help of a clean towel. 

Tips you need to follow during exfoliation

Do not go out directly in the sun

After the process of exfoliation, the skin becomes sensitive. For this reason, you should not go in the direct sunlight. If possible, then do exfoliate your face right before the bed. Either way, you should always use sunscreen before going out in the sun.

Do not exfoliate too often

Excessive exfoliation can cause more harm as it takes away excess moisture. Even after the exfoliation, do apply a serum or moisturizing cream. 

Avoid saunas after exfoliation

Excess heat treatment right after exfoliation can cause severe irritation in the skin. On the contrary, you should try to cool off your facial skin and apply cooling lotions. More importantly, you need to be careful while massaging the cleanser on your eyelids. The skin of eyelids is too sensitive, and it is prone to rashes and soreness.

How frequently should you exfoliate?

Primarily, the frequency of exfoliation is dependent on the type of skin that you have. As per the studies, it would be best if you exfoliate two times a week. However, if you are suffering from acne or fungal infection, then exfoliate three times a week. People who have dry skin should not exfoliate more than once a week. The exfoliating cleanser also contains antioxidants and herbal extracts that provide pampering to aging skin. Individuals older than 60 years of age should only exfoliate once a week.


In brief, exfoliation is an essential process to maintain radiance and proper health of facial skin. Secondly, due to organic cleansers, you will get rid of the dead layer and unclog the skin pores. Thus, you do not have to worry about several diseases caused by bacterial infections. 

Before you undertake proper exfoliation, it is essential to get prepared for the process. You are required to clean heavy makeup and wash your face with warm water. This will open up the pores. Hence the organic cleansers will easily reach deeper and remove accumulated dirt and dead cells. Right after the exfoliation, rinse your face with lukewarm water and then with cold water. Finally, do avoid heat treatment after exfoliation and avoid exposure to direct sun rays.