The accessories that are close to the face are key in your styling. They can divert attention from what you do not want to show and enhance the one you like the most.

There are certain aspects to take into account when choosing them: The shape of the face (square, round, heart, elongated, triangle), the length of the neck and the type of neckline .

Earrings according to your face

  • Oval face : It is the ideal type of face that can afford all kinds of earrings .
  • Square face: Choose small, round earrings attached to the face. If they are long, make them as linear as possible.
  • Round face : Avoid round and large earrings, better elongated to stylize the face.
  • Elongated face and heart triangle: Choose earrings with base with volume to widen and to give volume in the jaw, better round and large.
  • Triangle face with a lot of jaw. The same earrings as the square, small and round face will suit you well.

Necklaces according to your neckline

Necklaces will help to highlight or neutralize the chest . Jot down these styling tips!

  • Short neck . It seeks to stylize it, for this it avoids chokers and scarves knotted around the neck. Always wear long necklaces and scarves vertically.
  • High chest. To counteract and give volume, avoid chokers and go for long necklaces and scarves that fall in a straight line.
  • Low chest . The opposite is sought, giving volume above the chest. Use necklaces at this height to cut it and wrap scarves around your neck.
  • If you have a lot of chest and you like long necklaces, try that they are not rounded and do not fall in the center. Look for short necklaces over the chest. The same happens with the scarves, they must be long and not very striking or with a lot of volume to stylize.
  • If you have little chest you can afford any necklace, if you want to enhance it you can choose volume and color.

Hats according to your height

  • The hats brimmed with volume remaining a little high. We reserve them for tall women.
  • The hats with short brim and glued to the face are more discreet and perfect to stylize the figure.

The accessories will help you look more stylized. Don’t miss out on your wardrobe!