We have all heard it a million times “It is important to exfoliate your face day in and day out.” Exfoliation is something we are very familiar with when it comes to a healthy skin care routine that needs to be executed on a day in and day out routine. We know that exfoliation is a good thing and can help you out tremendously on your skin care routine, but what does it actually do for your skin down to the root? 

1.  What is Exfoliation?

Exfoliating is easy when explained in a simple way. Shedding is the way toward eliminating dead skin cells from the outside of your skin utilizing a synthetic, granular substance, or peeling apparatus. Your skin normally sheds dead skin cells to prepare for new cells like clockwork or something like that. In some cases, dead cells don’t shed totally. This can bring about dry, flaky fixes and stopped up pores. Shedding can help forestall this. Uncertain where to begin? Peruse on to study the advantages, contrasts among physical and synthetic peeling, where your skin type comes in, and the sky is the limit from there. 

2.  Professional vs At home Exfoliation 

Physical exfoliation is the most common way to exfoliate your skin and give it the volume and health it longs for. Physical exfoliation can be something you can do that physically to help with your daily and nightly skin care routine. All exfoliating routines that require you to physically scrub or rub your face down with any type of beauty product is considered to be a physical exfoliating beauty product which is a great first step. Cleaning scrubs, loofahs, and body cleansers are an amazing step to start the first step to your skin care routine journey. It is good to start the process of exfoliation by scrubbing down the dead skin that lays on your face throughout everyday life. Dead skin can hurt your chances of ever having the healthiest skin imaginable. Do not let exfoliating drag you down in your journey to the healthiest skin care routine. Exfoliate and repeat until you can move on to the next step in your exfoliating process of your skin care routine journey. 

3.  The Perfect at home exfoliating cleanser?

When thinking about exfoliation and what’s an exfoliating cleanser it can be easy to over think this and over complicate what is actually extremely simple and effective in your skin care routine. You can take any company and make an exfoliating cleanser that will take out the dead skin stuck on your face but what is actually in them? You want to make sure that what you are touching to your skin is natural and healthy for your skin in all ways. There can be a lot of ingredients that are hard to say that can burn or harm the surface of your skin more than it can benefit it. That can be a scary pill to swallow when you do not know much about a healthy skin care routine. The last thing you want is to have an ingredient in your cleanser that you can not pronounce and leaves you skin dry and irritated for days on end. Having something that feels like it is working is completely different from having something that actually works and leaves your skin feeling corrected and natural. The key is to use something natural for your skin and will leave it feeling natural like it was when you were a kid. CBD products are the most natural products you can buy on the market today and give you the best results. CBD will not exfoliate but leave you skin looking ten years younger than expected.