Whether you are in the comfort of your home or in a beauty salon waiting for your next client to arrive, keeping your workstation clean is now more prevalent than ever. It is important to keep your working station and your tools clean with adequate disinfectant if you want any chance of retaining customers or having greater peace of mind when getting ready for everyday occasions. In this blog, we will take you through our 5 tips on how to keep your beauty workstation tidy during public and personal settings. 

1.Tip 1 – Clean Daily and Often 

Cleaning daily and getting into the routine of performing the dull and mundane tasks is one of our top tips for work space cleanliness and applies to any scale of user. Although it may not seem the most appealing of activities to complete, by doing this small tip it will greatly enhance your overall cleanliness and feel good factor when next applying beauty products to yourself and others.

For example, you could be at home and notice that the bin is overflowing with waste and used makeup wipes. This is where you should get in the habit of emptying the bin so that it is aesthetically pleasing in your room and that no foul smells accumulate. If you happen to be an eyelash technician, a neat little trick when it comes to cleaning daily and often is to replace the couch roll from the operating massage bed in front of the customer. Not only does this improve hygiene levels but it offers peace of mind to your customer who could potentially leave positive reviews about your company. 

Similarly, in a salon setting, after you have finished with a client, you could notice a lot of loose hair on the floor. This is where mopping or vacuuming can be performed for the same reasons as emptying the bin in a home setting. If your salon is not clean and hygienic, you could also start to receive negative word of mouth. This could lessen your chance to bring in new clients, and a reputation like this could be hard to overcome. 

Finally, disinfecting door handles and other frequently touched items are all practices that should be encouraged regularly to improve your workstation hygiene at home or in a professional environment. 

Clean Daily and Often


2.Tip 2 – Put Items Back Where They Came From


We’ve all been in that frustrated state where we want to find that specific item to help with our appearance but can’t recall where we placed it. Whether it be a specific hair clip or a new hair gel you bought recently, the whereabouts of the item is just unknown. That is why our tip number 2 is to ALWAYS put back items where they last came from. Imagine you have a client wishing to have their acrylic nails done but you have misplaced your electric nail filer. Not only does this cause delays in the service you are offering, it displeases the client who may not come back and decreases customer retention. In addition, losing a valuable item can be very costly if not found. If you happen to be at home and cannot find the item, the same reasons apply. All of this could be avoided if you simply put items back where they previously came from. 


3.Tip 3 – Keep A Note/Checklist Of What Items You Have


Tip number 3 can work in conjunction with tip number 2 but keeping a stock list of what items you have can always help with work space cleanliness. You may be sick of your younger sibling constantly stealing your valuables when getting ready and so if you have a note of what items are yours, you will know whether they have been misplaced or temporarily ‘borrowed’. 

When applying this for a salon context, having a stock list also has the additional benefit of  reducing any health and safety risks. This is because any stock that is misplaced could be in an obstructing position which, in the event of a fire, could be detrimental to those in the vicinity. As such, if your stocklist identifies that an item is missing, you can quickly rectify it by trying to find the whereabouts of the item before it becomes a potential hazard as well as putting it back in a place where it doesn’t make your working environment look dirty. 


4.Tip 4 – Toss Expired Products


This primarily applies for those in home settings as it would be quite concerning if salons or beauticians are knowingly applying expired makeup to their clients. However sometimes, especially at home, you simply forget the use by date of makeup products. As such, you should toss them if they have expired as bacteria can build up and if applied to the eye area, it could cause ‘Conjunctivitis’ and other irritations to the skin. 

By checking the use by date of products, you are ensuring that the health and hygiene of yourself and others are taken under consideration. 


5.Tip 5 – Hire A Cleaner 


Lastly, our tip number 5 is to hire a cleaner. If you cant see yourself regularly cleaning your workspace after use or alternatively, you simply don’t have enough time to clean, you can also resort to hiring a cleaner. Although they can be a costly method for keeping your beauty environment clean, and can be avoided if you were to clean the workspace yourself, it may be a suitable option for some users.