The number one thing to do and to consider when thinking about hair transplant and choosing the right doctor and facility, is to do your homework. Research to find the right doctor and the right clinic to perform the surgery. It is critical when preparing to make sure the clinic is qualified, and that the people performing the transplant are licensed and authorized to complete such a procedure. The following things are also extremely important when preparing for your hair transplant overall health, treating the scalp just right and pampering it, go smokeless for as long as you can to remain healthier and not to have all those toxins blowing and floating up around your scalp and hair, do not consume alcohol or drugs, and discuss with your doctor what prescription drugs are alright nearing this procedure. One of the easiest things to do in preparation is properly caring for your body, with grooming and washing your head and hair. 

You are going to want to use a really good shampoo and conditioner, this is not a place to scrimp on money, when properly washing your hair and scalp for the months, possibly weeks, and or days leading up to the procedure. Think healthy, healthy, healthy and invest in really good products. When washing your hair and conditioning, go ahead and massage the head and scalp, that can bring big benefits to the procedure, and the total outcome. Avoid smoking, it just is not good for the skin, scalp, and or hair. Alcohol is just bad for lots of health reasons and can do alot of damage pre-game to the big hair days ahead! Drugs are a whole other bad idea for not just personal health anytime, but in hurting your preparedness and overall health prior to it, and after the transplant. Prescriptions need to absolutely be discussed with the doctor doing the transplant, and or the doctor doing the consultation, to ensure optimal results and health safety. You may be prescribed medications that will help and for the hair transplant, at minimum you will want to know there is no interaction with any prescriptions you are currently taking.  

Do hair transplants hurt? Hair transplants do not hurt during the procedure and generally not after the procedure. It is a common question with everyone, those considering it, and those curious about the process and generally not after the procedure. It is a common question with everyone, those considering it, and those curious about the process and recovery. The biggest thing in this arena of potential pain, will be that you will feel the transplant happening but you will not be in pain. However you will feel something happening and some discomfort  may happen. Nothing to be alarmed or concerned about as it is not a painful process. 

One of the biggest things to consider is which type of hair transplant you would like as there are different options and techniques for having a full and healthy head of hair. Everyone wants a thick, healthy, head of hair on their heads that can be cut to preference whether short or long, and styled like the stars for that special moment. It is important to be open and honest with your doctor about everything, and exactly what results and functionality you want in your hair transplant, and results down the road after all the healing and procedures are completed. 

Hair problems can also be a cause of depression, anxiety, and lack of confidence as a result of not looking and feeling your best, due to hair loss, baldness, and patchy hair. At the end of the day this procedure of having a professional hair transplant can be a life changer in how you feel about yourself, as well as how you look in the mirror to yourself along with everyone else. It is not just restoration of your hair, it is restoration of your best self. New hair and healthy heads of hair can be like having a new lease on the life of confidence and success that you have dreamed.