Beetroot is the root of the Beta vulgaris subsp. vulgaris plant, although the leafy greens are also great in a salad. Whether you need some extra energy to get through the day or to boost your circulation and heart health, beetroot is just the thing. Perhaps you need to get your blood pressure down or lose a little weight – beetroot at your service! 

Beetroot and the powder made from it.  

The humble beetroot originated in the Middle East and was eaten by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. They knew the health benefits of this magenta bulb, although they may not have known the nutritional content. Beetroot is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties. Naturally, all this goodness is in the powdered, easier to use. If you live in Australia, one of the best beetroot powder suppliers is Black Leaves.

Nitrates for heart health 

Our heart is probably the most important organ we have; therefore, it is essential we take good care of it. Lack of exercise and lifestyle factors can lead to high blood pressure, which places a tremendous strain on our blood vessels. This constant pressure can damage the blood vessels and may eventually lead to cardiovascular problems and even heart attacks. 

Nitrates are salts that contain nitrate, and while beetroot is an excellent source of nitrates, beetroot powder contains higher concentrations. These nitrates convert to nitric oxide in our bodies, which helps our blood vessels to dilate, thereby lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation. 

This increased capacity for our circulatory system to carry oxygen around our body gives us improved athletic ability regarding endurance and stamina. In other words, drink this before a workout rather than a sugar-loaded energy drink. 

Nitrates for brain health

Equally as important as our heart, or at least a close second, is our brain. Unfortunately, our brain function declines as we age due mainly to reduced blood flow and oxygen supply. It is thought that this could play a part in the development of conditions like dementia. 

The nitrates in beetroot powder, as we have read, relax the blood vessels, which enables the oxygen-carrying red blood cells to reach the brain more easily. Not only does this help to protect the brain from oxygen deprivation, but the increased blood flow has been proven to increase cognitive function and boost memory. 

Maintaining a healthy weight      

The primary way beetroot powder can help us lose weight or maintain weight is through its ability to stabilise blood sugar. The phytochemicals it contains regulate insulin and glucose levels, especially if taken after a meal, or even with it. 

Beetroot powder is high in protein and fibre, which means it supplies the body with much-needed protein and aids in digestion. The better your digestive system works, the less chance there is of you putting on weight.   

How to use beetroot powder

Now that we understand how vital beetroot and beetroot powder is for the health of our bodies, let’s talk about how we can use the powder.

First of all, beetroot powder is concentrated beetroot. You have all the benefits of the vegetable in a tablespoon. Secondly, it is versatile, convenient and practical. Sprinkle it over a salad or stir it into the dressing. Add it to a smoothie for a powerful boost of nutrients. Add it to stews, curries, and casseroles. What about beetroot powder in cakes and biscuits? But just for your information – it is delicious enough to stir into a glass of water and drink it straight.