When it comes to Christmas, I am not sure which I like more, the gifts or the stockings. Yes, Christmas morning is not just about the presents under the tree; stocking holds their value since its contents are more gifts. 

Whether you’re looking for gifts for your parents, significant other, or children, you know stockings require unique gifts since it has to be small and fit inside a…well a stocking. Sometimes it involves creativity and imagination, and other times it is the perfect time to throw in some gag gifts. No matter which you choose, here are five stocking stuffer ideas for your family and friends:

Five Stocking Stuffer Ideas

1. Essential Bath Oils

If you want to destress someone this holiday, there is no better gift than a nice warm bath. And that combined that bath with the best bath oils, and you can have your muscles loosen, the circulatory system rejuvenated, and ultimately relax in a way that soothes your mind. Gifting the best bath oils is the gift of relaxation, and everyone certainly looks for a reason to relax. Whether a child or an adult, everyone likes a bath that can change the way you feel (even if you want to feel sleepy).

2.  Diffuser Bracelet

If you love bracelets, you cannot go wrong with throwing a diffuser bracelet in the stocking. Diffuser brackets can improve sleep and self-confidence, relieve stress, increase energy, and calm overactive minds. Yes, all just from wearing it on the wrist. Plus, they are colorful and come in various the best essential oil fragrances (hence why it can do so many things). I know you may think a diffuser bracelet would be for women only, but not true at all. Diffuser bracelets are made for men, women, and kids.

3.  Bath Bombs

Like essential oils, bath bombs make great stocking stuffer gifts. Why? Because if you love some of the best essential oils out there, you can find them in these fun little balls. Bath bombs destress, loosen muscles, and increase circulation. Just throw the balls in the water, and watch the magic happen right in front of your face. Kids love them, and it is suitable for their skin since it is vegan (meaning there are no additives that are hard for their delicate skin.

4.  A Diffuser

If you love candles, you will love a diffuser. I am sure you may think this will take up a lot of room in a stocking, but it is small enough to be the perfect gift for anyone. Kids will love it for the way it looks, and adults love it for the way it smells. The best thing is that unlike a candle, you can use one diffuser and change the scents with some of the best essential oils out there. Want to relax? Choose lavender. Need to wake up, put in some peppermint or eucalyptus.

5.  Roll-on Oils

Last on the list are roll-on oils.  These roll-ons contain some of the best essential oils that help with sleep, headaches, pain relief, blood circulation, enhancement of the immune system, and more. You name it; it can help it. And most of all, it does it naturally with no harsh chemicals or additives. This means it is safe enough for adults and kids (even with sensitive skin). 

So, this year, while others go for customized gifts, choose something personal. What is essential is always to select a gift that shows your love and care and one that the receiver can make fair use of even after the holidays. Whether you get the best bath oils, diffuser bracelet, roll-on, diffuser, or bath bombs, they will fit perfectly in a stocking. Don’t forget; you can also buy them all. In short, these stocking stuffer ideas can never go wrong.