These days people prefer personalized ring designs and engagement rings are used to convey a couple’s own unique love story compared to a traditional off-the-rack ring designs. This has led to the popularity of colored gemstones being used in engagement ring designs instead of traditional diamond since each different gemstones have special meanings to the wearer. One of the most popular choices today are ruby gemstone engagement rings.

Ruby is a gemstone that ranges from bright red color to dark reddish-brown tone, and they get their color from the trace element named as Chromium. The most popular color is blood-red with blue and purple shades.

When there is talk of modern style setting, ruby engagement rings are completely in line with the ring designs modern brides crave—from unique settings to contemporary shapes and, of course, gemstones.

While precious gemstones are softer than diamonds, beautiful ruby gemstones are a lot more resilient than other gemstones, making them perfect choice for an engagement ring you will treasure forever. It is a fact that ruby gemstones come on the second number after diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale.

Ruby gemstone rings are unique that reflects your true personality. There is a wide range of colors that ruby gemstones come in, all with different price tags. Here are some points to consider when buying a ruby engagement ring.

Stone Cut

The round or oval is considered as the most common style cut. Round or oval cut shape tends to bring out deeper shades of red in the gemstone. Octagon, pear, and marquise – these all are popular cuts for ruby gemstone though they tend to cost a bit more.

Ruby Ring Settings

Ruby gemestones are highly versatile. Rubies are strong gemstones, second in hardness only to diamonds and moissanite—so they are not limited as far as settings go. You need to make sure your gemstone is set so that light can get through underneath, showing its real color! 


Ruby gemstones are available in different colors, from pink to orange to red. Their color is based on their origin. All colors are unique in their own way, so it all comes down to personal preference when choosing a kind of ruby stone. 

Solitaire Ruby Gemstone Rings

The Solitaire ring design is one of the most traditional design choices for engagement ring designs. Solitaire ring designs are made to show off the center gemstone in a unique way, and are a superb choice for the couple that wants to invest in a superior ruby gemstone. 

Halo Ruby Engagement Rings

The halo engagement ring design with ruby gemstone features a ruby center stone that is surrounded by one or more “halos” of diamonds. The halo ring design uses diamonds as supporting gemstones to offer a more royal look to the center gemstone. Some exceptionally stunning ring designs are halo ruby gemstone engagement rings, and they are amazing design choice for the couples interested in adding beautiful diamonds in their engagement ring.

Bridal Set Ruby Gemstone Engagement Ring Designs

Instead of buying wedding band of the ruby gemstone engagement ring separately, ruby gemstone bridal sets are matching ruby engagement rings and wedding bands designed with each other in mind. While you can wear engagement ring and wedding band separately, when worn together, they look royal and unique since both fit perfectly with each other. 

Vintage Style Ruby Gemstone Engagement Rings

Vintage style ruby gemstone engagement rings are very popular. These classic ring designs generally features detailed filigree work on the ring bands. Couples prefer these timeless and beautiful engagement ring designs.

3-Stone Setting Ruby Engagement Ring Designs

3-Stone style ruby engagement rings include a ruby as the center gemstone, with either stunning diamonds or the couple’s birth stones as the other two additional stones. Three-stone setting ring is a superb and versatile way to customize the engagement ring to show off the couple’s true love story.

Final Thoughts

Engagement rings are symbols of one’s commitment to another so it is important to make that symbol customized and memorable. One of the best ways to pick an engagement ring design is to find a gemstone you truly connect with. Ruby is the perfect gemstone for those who love jewelry because it is one of the most durable gemstones.