Tips for reducing hair loss

Hair loss due to a variety of factors, such as pollution, changing weather, genetic infection, is common in the new age. But following a few tips can help reduce hair loss. Here is what is said about them.

If hair, nails and skin are all healthy, then we are healthy. Simply put – these can be cited as indicators of a person’s health. When hair growth is healthy, you look good. If your hair is dry, it means that you are dealing with a variety of health problems.

So, follow all the rules you need to keep your hair healthy. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables (vitamin ‘B’, calcium, zinc) for hair growth. Always drink foods that are high in protein (hair is made up of protein) and high amounts of water.

Take proper care of the hair

Generally moving in a polluted environment can cause dirt, dust, and hair to become infected! Keep your hair clean at all times as a result. Also, use nail warm water to wash hair, shampoo for hair and make sure it is of good quality. When washing with shampoo, focus on the hair follicles and follicles. Similarly, focus on the hair tip when using conditioner or hair lotions.

Also, from time to time, trim your hair corners. As a result, they not only stay healthy, but also improve.

Stay away from anything that can harm your hair

Various accessories used to make the hair style, such as the Bond (Bonds, Ponytail) used to pull the hair down, can cause hair follicles to become follicle. The result is hair loss or loss of hair.

The use of chemical products (although herbal products) can damage their health. These include chemicals such as Straighteners, Hot-Oil Treatment, Hot Ironing, etc

Take proper care when using dryers. This means that using a dryer with high heat and speed can put you at risk for hair loss. Therefore, use different methods to dry the hair, or reduce the heat and speed of the dryer and dry the hair.

Hair brushing can be hazardous and cut off due to stress on the hair. So comb with more space and comb slowly.

Homemade treatment for healthy hair

Here are some tips for staying healthy. Women in India have been following these tips for a long time.

To keep your hair healthy, use a home remedy such as henna paste, yogurt, soaked dill, hibiscus flowers or egg before using shampoo. Using these regularly will make your hair look strong and beautiful. But, henna is only suitable for those who have black hair, because henna turns hair red.

Mix a little lemon juice in a decoction or bathing water with tea powder once a week. It also reduces dandruff.

Massage the day with coconut oil or almond oil. Drying with coconut oil at nighttime can cause hair follicles and hair to be healthy.

Image Courtesy : Getty Images