Get ready for an eye-opening experience: the new Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner will make your eyes look bigger and bolder, in a way that ordinary eyeliner never can.

The Younique Liner-Lash Duo

Even on its own, the Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner is a keeper. The thin marker tip is easy to control, even if you’re a makeup beginner or have unsteady hands.

The fine point is perfect for going close to the lash line, especially if you want want thinner liner one day to the next. If you want a more dramatic look—like a kitten flick or bold wing—you can get the perfect angle and gradually add thickness.

But that’s just the beginning.

Unlike your average eyeliner, MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner is designed to work with Younique Magnetic Lashes. The special formula helps “lock” into the magnets on Younique’s false lashes, holding them in place for up to 10 hours.

Benefits of the Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner

  • Doesn’t smear or smudge. Once it dries, it won’t transfer, feather, smudge, or smear. However, you need to wait about 1 minute before it sets (close your eyes, so you don’t accidentally transfer it to your eyelid).  
  • Very pigmented. Get a lot of intense pigment with just one swipe. And the deep black really defines your eyes—even if you apply a very thin line.
  • Stays on for hours. It lasts for up to 10 hours without fading or smudging. You can wear it all day at work (and even for a party right after) without worrying about it smearing all around.
  • Gentle for sensitive eyes. MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner won’t irritate your eyes, even if you wear contact lenses or have a tendency to tear up. And it’s definitely a much safer alternative to applying falsies with eyelash glue!
  • Cruelty-free. All Younique products, including MOODSTRUCK magnetic liner, are never tested on animals.
  • Really fast and convenient. Now it’s easy to add some drama on even an ordinary day. Apply the eyeliner, then use the Younique Magnetic Lash and lash applicator to instantly add volume and length.

Makeup Tips for Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner

  • The best way to apply eyeliner is to use a table mirror, then angle it, so you’re looking downward. That will let you get really close to the lash line. Then adjust the mirror so you’re directly facing it to choose the angle to create a kitten flick or cat-eye.
  • If you have shaky hands, place your elbow on the table to steady it. Make a series of flicks instead of one long line. Or, place little dots and then connect them. It’s fool-proof!
  • While Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner has a smudge-proof formula, it’s always better to apply an eyeshadow primer before doing any eye makeup. Primer evens out your lid color and gives products better grip, so the eyeliner really “pops” and helps everything last longer.
  • If you accidentally smudge your eyeliner, let it dry before you wipe it off with. Smudging wet eyeliner only spreads the pigment. When it sets, just dip a cotton bud into eye makeup remover and then gently wipe it off.

Learn more about Younique MOODSTRUCK magnetic eyeliner, and get great makeup tips from Younique presenters or on the Younique website.