When it comes to applying makeup, many of us make the mistake of not paying enough attention to the eyebrows, and it is something that we should pay more attention to. The gaze is the mirror of the soul and the eyebrows function as a framework for it. For this reason, it is important that we always have them well cared for and defined. For this, from Luz del Tajo we give you the necessary steps to achieve perfect eyebrows . Take note!

How to get perfect eyebrows

In recent years, the eyebrows have become thicker and fuller , but to achieve the ideal result it is essential that we take care of their shape and definition. To achieve this is very easy, you will only have to pay attention to certain aspects and follow some very simple steps.

Plucked eyebrows

The first thing before starting makeup is to define well the shape of our eyebrows. Today, the eyebrows are no longer thin and subtle, giving way to thicker, more natural eyebrows. You just need to remove those hairs from the brow and some of those that protrude from the eyebrow.

If you have doubts about how to do it, you can use the pencil trick . Place it on the side of the nose and it goes through the tear of your eye, so you know where your eyebrow should start. Do the same with the bottom point of your nose and the end of your eye to know how far it should go.

On the other hand, if you find it very difficult to do it yourself, in our Shopping Center you have several beauty centers, where you can put yourself in the hands of the best professionals if you prefer. In Ideal Centers and Unique Centers you have treatments to permanently remove those stubborn hairs from the face. Finish once and for all with that hated beauty!

Makeup eyebrows

When you go to put on makeup, especially for an important event, you should save a few minutes to polish your eyebrows. The main objective is to make them look as natural as possible . To do this, you will need a pencil the same color as your eyebrows to draw lines with short and quick movements. In this way, you will be creating a feeling of greater body in them. Then blend with a beveled brush like this one from The Body Shop and highlight its outline with a little highlighter on the lower brow area. Thus you will achieve a definition and give a perfect intensity to your look, typical of a perfect makeup .

Don’t worry if your eyebrows are sparsely populated, we have the ideal solution for you! With an eyebrow mask you will have a greater volume as well as a more compact body. This product can be found in any of the Luz del Tajo cosmetic stores, where you can also take it with you at a sensational price.

There are those who, after putting on their eyebrows for the first time, can no longer leave the house without wearing them perfectly. Get all your beauty must in the stores of our Shopping Center and do not miss all the tips that we bring you so that you always look radiant.