When thinking about exfoliating it can be easy to not look into the scrubbers and just go straight into the facial wash with a little bit of micro beads and think you are exfoliating. When in reality you want to find the best exfoliating scrub on the market because exfoliation is not just for your face and neck it needs to be incorporated into the whole body for full body results. Finding the right exfoliating scrub for you and your skin type is half the battle when exploring your exfoliating needs. Exfoliating is a lifestyle and should be treated in the same way you would make a lifestyle change in the gym. It will take dedication as well as a little bit of inspiration to get the results you are looking for. 

What is the best scrubber for you and your skin type? 

When finding the right scrubber for you it can be easy if you know your skin type and how your body reacts to different ingredients. Scubbers can be made up of a bunch of different things like, sea salt, oatmeal, coffee, as well as natural clay. All these things have one thing in common and that is that they are all natural and gentle on your skin. Plastic scrubbers can work for some people but it opens the door for over-exfoliating and skin irritation and that is something you want to avoid when diving into your exfoliation process. You need to be careful what natural ingredients you need to be using just in case of an allergic reaction. Just because it is natural does not mean it works for you and your skin type. Once you find the exfoliating scrubber of your dreams you can prevent in-grown hairs and clogged pores and that is when the results start to surface. Just be willing to put in the work for your routine and that will be half the battle of finding your solution to your exfoliating journey. 

Why scrub the Heels and Elbows? 

When pursuing your exfoliation journey it is weird how most people will get consumed with the idea that your heels and elbows will need the most work. Yes, your heels and elbows are typically the most calloused parts of your body but that means they will take the most time and effort to get them to the point that you are so longing for. Your heels and elbows will be the first areas to crack and dry out. And, the pain can sometimes be excruciating and no fun at all. A lot of people will begin their journey of exfoliation because of the pain that is coming from the heels when they just simply walk and run. There are some simple instructions to what you need to be doing when you are scrubbing your heels and elbows.


  • Stick your feet in hot water to soften and open up that skin.
  • Take out one foot at a time, scrub into your toes and keep your close attention to your heels. Your heels develop the strongest calluses and will usually need the most work. 
  • Once done with the first foot, put it back into the warm water and repeat the process on the opposite foot.
  • It will be very important to let you two feet soak for an additional 25-35 mins to bring ease to the muscles and remove foot toxins that can build up overtime. 
  • Dry with towel and message with recommended foot ointment.
  • Keep your foot ointment in the fridge for best possible results and make sure it heats up again before use.