Hit with the hat model that best suits you according to your face , hair , body and height.

Hats according to your face

Hats can highlight and correct features of your face. Choose a model that makes up for the shapes.

  • Square. Top hat with wide brim and curved rounded lines. To create asymmetry you can wear the hat tilted slightly to one side.
  • Round. Small brim hat (narrows the face) and high cup (lengthens the face) with an angular cut (square, flared …). For example, a short-brimmed borsalino or a cowgirl hat. Avoid low-top hats that flatten your face even further.
  • Elongate. Wide-brimmed hat (widens the face) and low cup (shortens the face) flattened with flowers or decorations. The pamelas will fit you well as long as you are tall or crocheted berets. Avoid high-top hats, square and close to the head.
  • Heart (broad forehead, sharp chin). Long brim hat with drop to jaw level. Get yourself a flared hat that will add some volume to your chin.

Hats according to your hair

Hats are capable of highlighting the color of your hair and your haircut.

  • Long hair. The beret looks great in straight manes or gathered low in ponytail or bow. Gangster-style hats look great on loose manes.
  • Short hair. The caps rekindle the very short hairstyles and highlight the low ribbons.
  • Dark hair. For brunettes hats in warm and vivid colors.
  • Light hair. For blondes, white hats are very flattering.

Hats according to your skin

  • Olive skin. Choose a color that contrasts with your skin such as bright tones (avoid browns, greens). Example: fuchsia.
  • Dark skin. To brighten your tanned skin, choose bright colors and / or satin fabrics. Example: coral.
  • White skin. Do not choose very light colors because they will give you a languid appearance and accentuate the natural white of your dermis. Example: navy blue.

Hats according to your height

Hats should be proportional to your height so as not to offset your image.

  • Short . Medium top hat (not excessively flat) and small brim. Run away from big hats with wide brims like hats, they will only make you look shorter.
  • High. Wide-brimmed hat with regular top. Avoid small hats, better sized proportional to your height.