Detangling hair when wet or washing it with cold water are some of the recommendations for enjoying beautiful hair.

Enjoying beautiful hair involves taking care of it daily. From Bionike they tell us 10 things that you may not know about your hair, which will help you stay healthy and shiny.

1) Cold water makes hair look brighter . It is not necessary to do all the washing with cold water. We can start with warm water and the last rinse do it with water at a lower temperature. In this way we will make the hair shine much more.

2) You should not lie down with wet hair . If we go to sleep with wet hair, we can damage the cuticle of the scalp causing irritations that later cause discomfort.

3) Cutting hair often causes it to grow earlier . In order for hair to grow faster, it is necessary to review the ends at least every two months.

4) Washing your hair every day is not bad . It all depends on whether or not you use the right products for your hair type. There are many hairs and not all need to be washed with the same frequency and the same intensity.

5) Little washing or not washing is not good . All hair needs to be washed every X time. No hair can look beautiful and healthy by washing it very infrequently.

6) If you tear off a cane they will not come out in the same place. Gray hair is born due to a natural process, pulling it out has nothing to do with more coming out.

7) It is recommended to detangle the hair when it is wet . The best time to untangle the hair is just when you get out of the shower, since in those moments the hair is much more flexible when wet, and when we “pull” it we damage it less than when it is dry.

8) The dandruff does not help falling hair . We know that the sebaceous gland and the hair follicle are together, but they are two phenomena that have nothing to do with it.

9) Washing your hair a lot does not make it fall more . The hair that falls out when washed are “old” hair that is lost to any trauma that healthy hair resists. Every day, an average of 50 hairs are shed, which are then reborn in the same place, so the total number of hairs will always remain constant.

10) Tying your hair can break it . If we hold the hair with a fine paste and make us a collected very tight yes may break. The ideal would be to hold it with bobby pins wrapped in fabric, since they are much softer and do not harm the hair at all.